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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Carano vs. Cyborg..and other fights

I've seen both of these women fight and I for one am pretty excited to see how this turns out. I unfortunately don't have Showtime so I'll have to watch it after it's all said and done. That being said, I think this will be a tough fight. I don't know that it will go the distance, but I do feel that although Carano has shown that she is a great fighter, I believe that Cyborg will win this contest. My thought is that she will take Carano down and submit her.

The other fights on the card are cool, but I'm interested in seeing how Jesse Taylor does against Jay Hieron. Hieron is a very experienced fighter but Jesse is young and extremely strong. This should hopefully be another good fight and I'd like to see Jesse take this one....

More later.

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