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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Brian Stann - new WEC light heavyweight champ

I, unfortunately have not had the opportunity to see Brian Stann fight. From what I read about last night's fight, it sure sounds like he's a pretty well rounded. I don't know a lot about his previous opponents nor do I know anything about Doug Marshall, but Stann's background and current training provide that he is an outstanding striker and probably pretty good on that mat. I may have to check out some of his fights to get a better understanding of his abilities and it should be interesting to see who the WEC puts him up against next.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Liddell vs. Nogueira ?

Well, in a recent post, Liddell said he would fight Nogueira if given the opportunity but he first wants his light heavyweight title back. I thought it was interesting that he would be willing to step up into the heavyweight class. It makes me wonder what weight he normally stays at. He's a big boy, but I wonder if bigger guys would take him down? Who knows...but in any case I thought it was interesting.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mish Mash

Well, there hasn't been much to talk about lately so I figured I would just throw a couple of things out there. 1 - Evans will fight Liddell...that's good because I don't know if there would be anyone else who could step up and take on Liddell. 2. The Shamrocks debuted last night at a ShoXC event and both lost. Ken lost to Buzz Perry via TKO and from what I hear, he looked old. Ryan lost because he broke his hand. Ryan probably has a future, but Ken should probably hang it up. Other than those two topics, there isn't much more for me to discuss...hopefully some more news sill surface and I can put my opinion down!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shogun out vs Liddell with knee injury

Well, it looks like Shogun has hurt his knee again and had to pull out of UFC 85's main event with Chuck Liddell. The big question is who will replace Shogun? Who is main event worthy? What about Rashad Evans? I think that would be a good fight. Other than Rashad, I can't really think of someone else who could step up and take on a main event.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Anderson Silva the best?

After Silva's victory on Saturday night, many have been tagging him as the greatest pound for pound fighter to date. Do you agree?

In my opinion, I feel that Silva, at this point in his career, is the best fighter we have seen for a while. I understand that middleweight is not the best division right now, but it was sure something when Silva came a long and beat Franklin. Before Franklin, he beat up Leban who was on the rise. He then beat Lutter and Nate. Now, those might not be considered the best, but who else is he going to fight right now? I'm interested to see who the UFC has next for Silva. Also, the other fighter that people toss up there as the greatest pound for pound is GSP. I agree that GSP is outstanding, but he showed that he was human against Serra. After their rematch, we will see how things end up.